A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game about work, life and your part in the machine

Cubicle is an puzzle game, whose level progression uses changing mechanics, puzzle styles and aesthetics to create an emotional journey. The aesthetic and narrative theme in this game is that of an employee of some vague megacorporation, struggling with the juxtaposition of their importance as a cog in an essential machine, and the generic anonymity that goes with it. The player's job is to arrange cubes to direct a laser beam from point to point. The player's greater role in the corporate is never clearly explained, or how their solutions relate the whole, but we are reassured it is VERY important.


Carlos Melo - Programming, Design and Art

Alexander Hockley - Design and Art

John Blinco and Taras Spahic - Audio

Install instructions

Download and Un-zip the project, optimized for 1680x1050 play-throughs.

Game is functional with mouse.


Brief2FinalBuild.zip 64 MB
CubicleMacBuild.zip 35 MB


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Dear Carlos,

I am Marijn Vandewaetere, conducting research at the KU Leuven for my graduation thesis which subject is the representation of work in indie games. Could I contact you about this?

Kind regards,


Dear Marijin,

How are you? I would be happy to help you with your research, you can contact me at carlosmelo1991@gmail.com.

Carlos Melo

Hey Carlos,

I'm doing fine, how are you? I've sent the mail.